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Welcome To The Adaptive Funnel Blueprint Affiliate Profit Zone!

Hi it's Tom Bell, and this is WAY more than just a "launch" as far as I'm concerned..

Sure, I't will make you money. Lot's of it! 

Adaptive Funnels are my OBSESSION, just look under the hood, they may become yours as well..
1st Place with 100+ f/e sales: One Thousand Smackers!
2nd Place with 50 f/e sales: Five Hundred Smackers!
3rd Place with 20 f/e sales: Two Hundred Smackers!
4th Place with 20 f/e sales: Two Hundred Smackers!
5th Place with 10 f/e sales: One Hundred Smackers!

Plus Daily Prizes!

We Are In Prelaunch Right Now And ALREADY Getting RECORD BREAKING epc's for Affiliates!

Your Subscribers Will LOVE Adaptive Funnel Blueprint!
In a nutshell an adaptive funnel has a short, fun quiz at the front, and once the user completes the quiz, the pages & emails that follow are CUSTOMIZED directly to the users wants, needs, and specific situation, SKYROCKETING conversions!
Who can Use Adaptive Funnels?
  •  Newbies:  The $7 front end product walks the new user through the creation of their first Adaptive funnel using ALL free tools, they would not need to spend a dime to put one up!
  •  Local Business Owners: Adaptive Funnels can zero in on the needs of local customers (or any customer) and tailor offerings to be a dead on match for the customers unique needs
  •    Ecommerce: The ability to deliver the exact right product, with the exact right pitch, heck even in the exact right color will have some TRULY exciting possibilities to your ecommerce peeps!
  •  Serious Internet Marketers: Customizing the on page flow, right there on the initial interaction has allowed me to make over 100 MILLION in this business and it's a good bet it can help the people on your list as well!
Whats Inside The Funnel?

Front End: Adaptive Funnel Blueprint Intro Edition ($7) 50%

This is where it all begins. I lay out what an Adaptive Funnel is, What it does, and how it can multiply your users results! 

It comes with a step by step method for putting up a Pro quality Adaptive funnel without spending a dime!

OTO 1: Adaptive Funnel Blueprint Template Packs ($37 Monthly) @ 50%

OTO 2: Live Training Where They Can Ask Me ANYTHING! ($27) @50%

OTO 2: I Build Them Their OWN Adaptive Lead Funnel! ($497) @30%

For the SERIOUS user, I will build out their Adaptive Lead Funnel for them myself. (Discounting my normal rate by 90%) At just $497 this just might be the deal of the century for the right customer. They get the entire Lead Funnel delivered on a silver platter.
That's A WHOPPING Potential $601 Per Sale! And A Cool $252.33 In Commissions!
Sending your traffic to my offer is something I do NOT take lightly. See, I don't know exactly how to say this, but I'll give it a try..

I guess I kinda come from a different age..

Due to some unforeseen life circumstances, I've been "out of the game" for about 6 years. My partner Shawn Casey and I launched Million dollar offers one after the other and we ALWAYS treated our affiliates like kings.

It's just the way business was done.

I know there are a LOT of reputable, legitimate vendors here in 2017 as well, but it seems to me that one needs to look a little harder to find them...

I'm not mailing the 2.4 million subscriber list like i was back in 2011, but as the list grows, I WILL be showing up for recips, and If you show up for me on this launch and put up some numbers. Lets talk thank you page real estate. No Problem.

Need a special swipe for your list? Just ask. happy to do it.
Let me give you a taste of how Adaptive works!
Do the short quiz below and get just a small taste of what an adaptive page can do.
This will serve 2 functions actually, 

1) Open your eyes to the power of this Adaptive stuff
2) (Optional) Get you registered for contests, updates and bonuses!
The Affiliate Program Is Being Run And Managed By The Trusted Folks Over At 

To get yourself signed up, just go into their product search area and enter "Adaptive Funnel Blueprint" and get yourself registered for this one!

Here are some pretty good email swipes to get you started: :-)


Email Swipes


(NOTE: I'm including "Fname". If your list does not support it, simply omit. The copy will work with or without it)

Subject: (Fname), He's Crazy, But He Got this One Right..

Subject: (Fname), I Was Gobsmacked When I Saw This..

Subject: (Fname), I've Heard Of "Flexible", But This Is Nuts..

Hi (fname), It's NAME

I just cought wind of what Tom bell has been up to in that bat cave of his, and to be honest, I thought he was a little off his rocker.

Well he IS, but thats a different story..

Anyhow, It looks like he's duct taped together  a piece of tech that used to be the exclusive domain of the billion dollar companies.

Using ALL Free Stuff To Do It! (Linked)

he's made a LOT of money over the years with that brain of his and I would suggest you Go Now (linked) so you can get a hold of this for yourself (Fname)

You can thank me later.. ;-)




Email Swipe 2



Subject: 150 Million (Fname)??

Subject: (Fname), He Did WHAT??

Subject: Oh No He Did'nt...


Looks like my pal Tom is at it again..


(And he's using the exact same "secret sauce"

That made him all those millions as last time)

The REAL punchline?


The Secret Sauce IS what he's practically giving away!


Drop whatever you're doing and go take a look.

You can thank me later.. (linked)



Email Swipe 3

Subject: Tom Bell's $60 Million Adaptive Funnel Secret..
NAME here.
My friend Tom Bell sold way in excess
of $60 million in simple Ebooks using the
darnedest thing called an adaptive funnel.
If you're the kind of person that loves
to get in on the bleeding edge methods
before the crowds do, this one is for you.
This is the FIRST time he has revealed
his Adaptive Funnels method.
Hold onto your hat and TRY it out at
the above URL.
Best wishes,

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